Health Insurance TPA strives to be the Employer of First Choice for its people, pursuing policies that will help attract, retain and develop the best talent from the market. We offer a satisfying career with growth oppurtunities as well as a good work-life balance. We have a number of openings in different positions as given in the links below. Interested candidates may peruse details of positions in this section.

  • Details of the Open Positions as on 11th October 2021 - (Dated 11.10.2021) Download

  • Details of the open positions as on 12th October 2021 - (Dated 12.10.2021) Download

  • Details of the open positions as on 18th May 2022 - (Dated 18.05.2022) Download

'Positions which were notified earlier and are open as on date have been subsumed in the above.'

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